Australian Style Resume


Navigating the Australian job market requires more than qualifications; you also need a resume tailored to local expectations. This article breaks down the elements of an Australian style resume.

Australian Style Resume

Distinct Features of an Australian Style Resume:

Terminology: ‘Resume’ and ‘CV’ often serve different purposes in Australia. Be sure you’re using the right one.

Formatting: Professional layouts are key. Consider checking out platforms like Canva for free professional templates.

Personal Details: Omit photos and other personal details like age or gender.

Tailored Content: Customize your resume for each application.

Real-life example: Hannah transitioned her standard resume into an Australian style, emphasizing HR certifications, removing her photo, and tailoring her skills section, seeing a significant increase in responses. She credits platforms like Seek’s advice pages for valuable insights.

Crafting Your Australian Style Resume:

Contact Information: This should be at the top.

Summary: A brief overview, tailored for the role you’re applying for.

Work Experience: In reverse chronological order.

Education: Emphasize on relevant courses or certifications.

Skills: Technical and soft skills aligned with the job description.

References: Can be a plus but not mandatory.

To get a more detailed breakdown, especially on tailoring your resume, consider our Resume Crafting Service.

Real-life example:

Alex, after transitioning to a concise Australian style resume, landed a role in a top Melbourne school. He highly recommends newcomers to refer to the Australian Government’s Job Guide for more insights.


Crafting an Australian style resume is a testament to your adaptability to the Australian job landscape. By emphasizing local stylistic nuances, you position yourself favorably in the eyes of potential employers.