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The purpose of this website is to help Engineers who wish to apply for migration to Australia. Before applying the visa for Australia, you have to assess your Skill and Employment assessment by sending a CDR(Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia) and documentary evidence to Engineers Australia. After getting the positive outcome from Engineers Australia, you can claim the point for your education and job experience. A CDR is required to the Engineers Australia for assessing the competency of an engineer who has overseas qualifications and not covered by the Washington Accord.

Approaches to success

Different categories engineers have the various types of project experience. Therefore, their CDR(Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia) writing style will be different. So, we need to write the CDR very carefully. As we have almost every discipline engineer, it is very easy for us to write the CDR for the different subject.  Therefore, our success rate is higher than 95%. Moreover, all of our staffs have lots of experience to write the professional CDR; so, we provide the guarantee for the positive outcome of CDR from Engineers Australia. Otherwise, we will return the full amount of money.

Details about Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for Engineers Australia

  • Head and shoulders photograph (35mm x 45mm)
  • Prime Identification Document (current passport, only page, including photo and name)
  • Academic degree certificate
  • Complete and official academic transcript (including any recognition of prior learning)
  • To know all documents for CDR, click here.

Why Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for EA is required

A CDR or Competency Demonstration Reports For Engineers Australia is an one kind of a technical report, which is evaluating the education and competency level of an overseas Engineer regarding Australian Engineering degree. The evaluation is essential to the engineers who want to work and live in Australia through migration. The CDR assessment is based primarily on the undergraduate qualification and demonstrated graduate competencies. Engineers Australia is the designated assessing authority for most engineering occupations.

Why you need assistance for writing Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia

Certainly, preparing the CDR is one of the most challenging works of an engineer due to the fact that most engineers don’t have enough time to write the CDR. There are lots of amazing technical engineers in most areas possess had a higher degree of cleverness as well as who’ve created exceptional efforts for their companies. However, during the CDR writing, you must follow the MSA BOOKLET. Otherwise, your CDR will be rejected. So, the engineer who don’t have the enough time to write the CDR, they must need help from the professional writer. Don’t go anywhere because Engineers Australia now checks the plagiarism and the similarity between the previously submitted report. If Engineers Australia finds any one of the above issues, your CDR will be rejected. Applicants are required to submit an online application for Migration Skills Assessment. We also help on this matter. 

Why we are best For Writing Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia

You may remain confident and trust on us. We are providing the CDR service for engineering students and professional engineers for many years, and we have a track record that no students have ever failed in the CDR, once they come to us. The reason for the super success is:
1. We make sure that students and engineers are satisfied with the final delivery.
2. We have domain specific writers from all the engineering sectors.
3. We deliver on time and we offer at affordable prices.
5. We provide the unique content and thus we are the best in providing the Competency Demonstration Report.
6. Finally, and probably the most important one that we provide the 100% money back guarantee if we fail to get the positive outcome of the CDR.

Our Services For Writing Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia


In this plan, we will ask you some easy technical questions, you need to write the answers the questions. We will charge 395USD for complete CDR Package.

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In this plan, we will write the complete CDR package. We will charge 550USD for complete CDR Package. However, we will take some general information.

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In this plan, we will ask you some easy technical questions, you need to answer the questions. Moreover, We are paid after the CDR gets approved. Our charge will be 750USD for complete CDR Package. There are some terms & conditions.

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In this plan, we will write the complete CDR package. Moreover, We are paid after the CDR gets approved. Our charge will be 950USD for complete CDR Package. There are some terms & conditions in this plan need to be followed. 

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Details about Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for Engineers Australia

Why us-We analyse every Case Individually

The main causes of rejecting the CDR

The main causes of rejecting the CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) 
1) Copied the content from the Internet sources, and 
2) Copied the content from the submitted CDR. 

Please read the rules of the MSA BOOKLET regarding this issue. “Information you provide to Engineers Australia may be used for data matching with Australian Government agencies.  Engineers Australia reserves the right to use software applications to screen your submitted work for matches either to published sources or to other submitted applications. Misleading and false information is viewed as a major breach of ethical behavior. For more clarification, please watch the video.

Competency Demonstration Report (CDRs)

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We are helping in writing the Competency Demonstration Report for the engineers in almost all discipline such as Competency Demonstration Report for Electrical Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Electronic and Communication Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Computer Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, and so on. We also review the Career Episode Sample Report/ Competency Demonstration Report Sample.


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I am Oztropak from Turkey, I took the assistance of CDRFOREA TEAM for preparing CDR, and I have got the positive skill assessment result. Thanks to CDRFOREA TEAM for their hard working.
OZTROPAK from Turkey
Industrial Engineer

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I am Bangladeshi. It is possible only for the help of CDRFOREA TEAM. They help me a lot. I contact with them and they do everything for my CDRs. As a result, I am now in Australia.
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At last, I am successful in skill assessment. At first, I went to the different consultants firm, but they were failed. After that, I contact CDRFOREA TEAM and finally, I got the positive result. I recommend to others engineer to take the service from the CDRFOREA website. It’s a great website and they will help you more than your expectation.
Arafat khan from Syria
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I have no idea about CDR (Competency Demonstration Report), and how to write it even I have no idea how to submit it. However, CDRFOREA TEAM helped me until my CDR is approved by Engineer Australia. Thanks to CDRFOREA TEAM for their great works and supports in getting the positive outcome.
Sohan Patel from India
Electronics Engineer