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Learn New Ways of Current Divider Formula / Rule In 15 Minutes

JahangirApr 19, 202318 min read

For determining the total current through a resistor in a parallel circuit, it is required a powerful formula like the current divider formula. If the resistor is connected in series,…


How to calculating power factor formula

JahangirApr 19, 202314 min read

I’m sure you’ve realized that the power factor formula is an important formula for electrical fields that needs to be understood. The power factor of a circuit could vary wildly,…


Learn power factor correction formula by using capacitor bank

JahangirApr 19, 202313 min read

Electricity is mostly generated, transmitted, and distributed by means of alternating currents, which are almost exclusively used as their medium. In electricity generation, the question of the power factor correction formula always…


Formula Of Power In Electricity

JahangirApr 19, 20238 min read

In this article, we will discuss the formula of power in electricity. The formula tells us that the voltage is proportional to the energy that passes through a wire. In…