Plan 4 Service

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)-Plan 4 Service

This service is the most popular among the engineers because you don’t need to write anything. Moreover, we are paid the full amount of money after the CDR gets approved by Engineers Australia. We will return the full amount the money if the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is not approved. However, our success rate is 100%. So, you can trust us about our services.

If you want to pay the money after getting the positive outcome of the CDR, this plan is suitable for you.

The main difference between plan 3 and plan 4 is that we will write all the technical answers for you in the plan 4.However, you have to provide us the project documents such as machinery manual / catalogue/ installation guide etc.

In this method, we are paid after the CDR gets approved by Engineers Australia.

According to the plan 4, at first, you need o deposit the money to the third party. After the approval of the CDR from Engineers Australia, you need to release the money from the third party.

In this cases, you have to pay 25% of the total money to initiate the service. We are paid the rest of the money after the CDR gets approved by Engineers Australia.

In this scheme, we will charge 950USD. Moreover, In the plan 4, we will only ask you some simple general questions. You need to write the answers to the question.

Nevertheless, there are some terms and conditions. You should agree to the terms and conditions that we will send you after the confirmation.

After sending a request, please check your email. We will contact you within 6 hours.