CV Template in Australia


When transitioning into the Australian job market, it’s essential to understand and embrace the local standards. This involves creating a CV that aligns with Australian preferences. In this guide, we’ll explore a CV template suitable for Australian employers.

CV Template in Australia

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the template, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the foundational elements Australian employers appreciate. Your CV should be:

Concise: Typically 2-4 pages, depending on your experience.

Relevant: Every piece of information should serve a purpose, highlighting your qualifications and experience.

Professional: With clear language, free of errors, and aptly formatted.

Real-life example: David, a finance professional from South Africa, was initially using a verbose 7-page CV for his applications in Melbourne. Despite his impressive credentials, the feedback was often about the length. After availing a professional CV service from CDRForEA, his positive responses increased significantly, highlighting the importance of adhering to local norms.

The Ideal Australian CV Template:

Header: Your name, followed by contact details, and if applicable, links to your professional online presence, like LinkedIn.

Personal Summary: A snapshot of your professional journey.

Work Experience: Starting with your recent role and working backward.

Education: Highlighting your qualifications.

Skills: Prioritizing relevant skills.

References: Typically mentioned as “available upon request”.

For an in-depth look and examples of each section, visit our comprehensive Australian CV Guide.

Adapting and Personalizing

While templates offer structure, it’s important to personalize. Tailor your CV to resonate with each specific role you apply for.

Real-life example: Ayesha, a nurse from the Philippines, revamped her CV to highlight her nursing certifications and relevant experience, soon landing a position at a top hospital in Sydney. She found inspiration and guidance from Nurse Australia, a platform dedicated to nursing professionals.


An effective Australian CV is more than a template; it’s about presenting your unique journey best suited for the Australian job market.