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In Australia, Engineers Australia (EA), a professional body that represents the interests of professional engineers, engineers australia skill assessment, is the organization which provides skills assessment for engineers for immigration purpose. You might already be familiar with Engineers Australia if you are considering applying for an Australian work visa. A professional engineering body, Engineers Australia (EA) performs Skills Assessments for migration purposes and is the national representative body for engineers in Australia. For anyone who wishes to become a member of Engineers Australia, the process must be processed by Engineers Australia. Engineering degrees from some countries, such as Sydney, Dublin, and Washington will be regarded as equivalent to Australian degrees and those countries have agreed to these agreements with Engineers Australia. In other words, these engineers have the opportunity to make the Skills Assessment process a straightforward one.

Why settle in Australia?

It is estimated that thousands of engineers apply to come to Australia every year through the Migration Skills Assessment but few are successful in their applications. Engineers Australia is an Australian professional organisation representing the engineering profession as a whole. This organisation holds the prestigious accreditation for assessing foreign engineers for MSA purpose. Engineers Australia also manages the research and development programs for the support of engineers, which is carried out efficiently. Due to the high competitive nature of the engineering profession, Engineers Australia (EA) has developed rules for applying for the Australia Assessment so as not to discriminate against engineers with different knowledge or qualifications. Engineers are welcomed by Australia because they are able to enjoy social and family benefits that are unmatched by any other country in the world. Its weather is great, it offers educational and healthcare facilities for all without charge, and above all, chances for engineers of all backgrounds to obtain a job.

Engineers make the choice to live and work in Australia so they can provide a better life for themselves and their families. There is a major obstacle that might prevent a skilled immigrant from migrating to Australia, namely how to write the CDR that gets reviewed positively by EA and leads you to get visa approval. It is required that engineers provide a CDR report, so that EA can be able to assess the skill level of the engineer. In drafting the Competency Demonstration Report, a set of documents, known as a CDR, which stands for Competition Demonstration Report, the applicant is required to demonstrating many different skills, abilities, and qualifications. The Engineer Evaluation Committee assesses the skills and abilities of engineers, including both personal and professional characteristics, as well as their skills, knowledge and experience. According to the requirements, engineers must specify the level of detail, the accuracy of the CDRs, and the level of completeness when preparing CDRs in order to avoid complications.

Foreign engineers with degrees in engineering will be eligible for the migration skills assessment if their college does not meet the requirements for the program through CDR application. The Australian government expects all immigrants to be qualified engineers, thus educational standards set out in the guidelines are mandatory for all immigrant engineers. In order to assess a candidate for their level of competency and skills as an engineer, the CDRs are assessed by the EA and a proper evaluation process is implemented. Upon their review, they evaluate the CDR to determine if they are eligible for the aforementioned migration skill assessment. However, if they determine that the candidate does not possess any essential qualifications or if they discover any faults in his/her CDR, they will either reject the application or ask him to submit the CDR for reassessment.

Engineers Australia Skill Assessment

An MSA will be carried out under EA for those engineers who do not hold Australian qualifications or qualifications that can be found in countries that are not signatories of the Washington Accord. Engineers apply for skilled migration to Australia by submitting a Career Demonstration Report (CDR).

Those engineers who do not possess a valid Australian certificate, or who hold qualifications that can be found listed in countries that are not signatories to the Washington Accord, must undergo a migration skills assessment process under the Engineer Australia Migration Skills Assessment program. In addition to offering you a guarantee of excellence, Engineers Australia promotes a company culture of integrity and loyalty that promotes a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Migration takes a lot of work, and it can be difficult to adjust to a new environment. There are many resources available to help, so use the pages below to find helpful information and a guide on how to get started with the migration.

In the past, the Engineers Australia or EA published a Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) handbook, which describes everything there is to know about the EA MSA, including guidelines for writing a CDR report, from time to time. The engineers Australia assessment booklet contains detailed information on engineering qualifications and skills, but many engineers still face a rejection of their CDR and are unable to obtain the migration visa because they do not meet the requirements laid down by engineers Australia.

This is essentially one of the most demanding processes engineers with a skilled trade have to go through when migrating to Australia, and usually the process lasts from 4 months. A priority for engineers is to ensure their domain is included on the Skills Occupation List before applying to EA. When you have confirmed that your discipline has been listed on the efficient selection and confirmed it has been listed on the discipline list, you will need to submit an expression of interest. The aim of this program is to assess the person’s skills and proficiency in the discipline for which they have been nominated. The Engineering Australia Migration Skills Assessment process from Engineers Australia requires you to pick from the ANZSCO occupational codes by your discipline if you wish to apply.

Skills Select’s technical expertise assessments have been carried out by Engineers Australia. It can be said as a victory for the applicant if they score at least 60 points or more, which is the required number, since they will be told that they will be able to apply for visa after submitting all the required documents. Engineers Australia categorises engineers according to four main categories in their MSA. They are,

1.       Professional Engineer

2.       Engineering Technologist

3.       Engineering Associate

4.       Engineering Manager

In each category, the engineers are given a unique set of responsibilities based on their specific knowledge and skills in their particular area. If an engineer who is not accredited by the Australian Engineering Council or who is not accredited by Washington Accord must file a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to confirm he or she meets the standards and skill sets of a qualified Australian engineer.

A CDR includes:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) list: This document the activities you conducted in order to continuously advance as an engineer after graduating in the field. There are a wide variety of sources of information concerning reading assignments, technical seminars and workshops that you attended, and training programs in which you participated.

Three Career Episodes: Each CE describes the set of skills that are essential for engineers of a certain skill level. In the Career Episode, you will use that as a means to show off your abilities. It is very important that these three narratives are carefully crafted. The most important requirement for writing a good-enough career episode is that you ought to be technical in your writing and able to follow the style sheet closely.

Summary Statement: A summary statement is about more than just the information it contains. A single competency can be highlighted in a multitude of ways, and within the right context, EA will look through your Career Episodes and hunt down precisely where you’ve highlighted a particular competency. It is, therefore, necessary to include numberings in each paragraph of your Career Episodes as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3…; 2.1, 2.2, 2.3…; and, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3… You may then explain these numbers in your Summary Statement.

You may count on EA to offer a Fast Track Migration Skills Assessment Process too. The assessment can be completed in only 15 working days for a premium fee.

Please note

It is important that you apply to the correct assessment pathway and makes sure your application is decision-ready to avoid extra costs and unnecessary waiting times. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

No paper-based applications are accepted or processed by Engineers Australia any longer. For a paper-based application form Engineers Australia where the information you provided may be used to obtain data matching with Australian Government agencies as part of the Ethical Standards: Providers are hereby advised to refer to the frequently asked questions section. It is the policy of Engineers Australia to screen your submitted work for possible matches to sources that have been published in a publication, or an application to another previously submitted application. Information that is misleading or misrepresents the facts is generally considered a breach of ethical behavior. For all engineers, we encourage them to learn and follow the code of ethics outlined in the EA, especially the Integrity page. In addition to the detailed information available in Section B, Section C, and Section D there are also details available in Section C and Section D on theft, fraudulent documents, and proper conduct and behavior. If an engineer misleads the EA about his or her qualifications, then he or she may be penalized and may be barred from applying for further work through Engineering Australia for up to three years.


The content of Career Episodes should be based on the author’s own work, written in his/her own words, rather than copied from another author. Your CDRs violate the Engineers Australia Policy since they are deemed to be committing plagiarism by copying the work of someone else. This is also unacceptable to use other people’s words when preparing your presentation (outlines from other publications, Career Episodes, online resources, etc.). You are subject to serious penalties as a result of this, including being found ineligible for a student visa, being denied an interview, and possibly having your details reported to the Department of Home Affairs for further investigation and action. The success of your application depends upon more than merely describing the activities in which you participated. You must provide a detailed explanation of your own responsibilities, abilities, history, accomplishments, and leadership in the Career Episodes you submit for application.

Having your Career Episodes written by any other person or entity constitutes unethical behavior. This can result in serious consequences, including the following but not limited to:

1) The application will be denied with revocation of the authorization, and for the next 36 months, a suspension will be imposed.

 2) The Department of Home Affairs, or some other authority, must be informed of the applicant’s details.

Assessment of engineering qualifications by Engineers Australia

The Institution of Engineers (Engineers Australia) conducts assessments of engineering qualifications for the purpose of granting visas and for immigration purposes. It can be confusing for people with a foreign nationality that the qualifications to apply for a migration visa and to become a member of Engineers Australia are assessed separately. Engineers Australia may approve an application for immigration but refuse membership if the applicant doesn’t meet the required criteria for membership. Reversing this process is also possible. You may be eligible to join Engineers Australia but be denied a skilled migration visa if you are not accepted for membership in Engineers Australia.

Engineering Australia, better known as the Institution of Engineers Australia, is Australia’s oldest and largest technical and professional association. It has more than 80,000 members. It is an organization established for the purpose of advancing the engineering and professional development of engineers in Australia. Accrediting engineering courses, promoting students and the profession through continuing education and professional development, managing a publishing and conference program, and taking part in regional and national policy debates, the ASEE is involved in the pursuit of excellence regarding engineering and professional development.

As a leading institution in the field of skill assessment, Engineers Australia is a member of the International Federation of Engineering Societies (IFES) and recognizes professional and paraprofessional qualifications to be valid for the purposes of assessing skilled migrants into Australia for skilled migration purposes.

It is possible to be recognized by Engineers Australia for your qualifications, using either of these two paths:

Acknowledgment – in order to gain access to the skills, programs, or qualifications deemed necessary to become a qualified engineer, you must submit a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) from the recognized institution or national authority where you attended. The process of gaining recognition for your engineering qualifications depends upon whether they are already recognized through an accredited course with one of the signatories to this treaty.

It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate that you possess sufficient knowledge of engineering to enable your engineering capabilities to be considered equivalent to the required competencies of your occupational category within Australian engineering. It is possible to provide a record of your work and training that can establish that you possess the same skills, knowledge, and experience as an engineer with Australian credentials. It will assist you in determining your occupation category and in preparing your CDR submission with the Migration Skills Assessment Kit that is available on the Engineers Australia website.

You must know the university and the specific course, as well as the dates beginning and ending the program, to check whether a course is accredited. As part of your preparation for Engineers Australia’s assessment of your migration skills, you will be required to do this yourself. The following website can be accessed to find out more about the Washington and Sydney Accords as well as the accreditation of programs:

Australia, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong China, Ireland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States are signatories to the Washington Accord. At the time of writing, the following organizations hold provisional status: Germany, India, Malaysia, Russia, and Sri Lanka.

Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom are all members of the Sydney Accord, and for Engineering Technologists or Registered Engineers, the Sydney Accord signatories are listed below. At the present time, the United States holds a provisional visa status.

For Australian citizens residing in the state of or territory of overseas qualifications, the state or territory body that oversees the program, the Overseas Qualifications Unit (OQU), offers free or low-cost education assessment advice regarding overseas qualifications. The applications must be submitted by the individual themselves; a contact may not be able to submit the application on their behalf from outside Australia. From the Immigration and Citizenship Department website, you can find the department’s addresses for the Overseas Qualifications Unit:

As these qualifications only offer academic complementarity, it may appear to you that you have a set of engineering qualifications to be comparable to a qualification in the Australian Qualifications Framework. Yet, your qualifications may not be enough for you to be allowed to practice as a professional engineer in Australia. In order to be recognized as a professional engineer in Australia, you have to be assessed by Engineers Australia.

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Download (PDF) Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) / Career Episode Report Sample for Aeronautical Engineer (233911) for Engineers Australia
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