Competency Demonstration Report(CDRs)

To migrate in Australia, most of the engineers need to do skill assessments through Engineers Australia. If the qualifications of the engineers are accredited by Engineers Australia, then they need only a formal application with some documents. For non-accredited, you need to apply through CDRs (Competency Demonstration Report). In this blog we will discuss about the assessment in detail.

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The skill assessment fee for Engineers Australia for 2024

JahangirFeb 6, 202410 min read
Skill assessment fee for engineers Australia

For skill assessment fee for engineers Australia, there are 5 types of fees in Engineers Australia such as Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) assessment fees, Australian…

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CDR Engineers Australia Rejected: The Truth Unveiled

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cdr engineers australia rejected

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Engineers Australia MSA migration skills assessment booklet

JahangirFeb 1, 202414 min read
Migration Skills Assessment Booklet

Would you like to know more about the significant subjects covered in the newly released Engineers Australia (EA) MSA migration skills assessment booklet? The MSA…

Engineers Australia Skill Assessment: Your Complete Guide

JahangirFeb 1, 202419 min read
engineers australia skill assessment new

A skilled visa requires Engineers Australia Skill Assessment from Engineers Australia (EA), a professional body that represents professional engineers and provides skills assessment and registration…