The 3 Secrets That You Should Know About Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

The 3 Secrets That You Shouldn't Know About Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)


I will have to explain to you what is the Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia is required in order to demonstrate the competency of an engineer in Skilled Immigration to Australia, an application which is called the skill assessment. Engineers Australia is the designated authority to assess most of the engineering discipline such as Mechanical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer, and so on. I hope, with this article, you can understand how to write a good CDRs (Competency Demonstration Report) for skill assessment.

Secret-1: What is a Competency Demonstration Report (CDRs) Report?

 The demand of engineering occupation in Australia is very robust, which is why many engineers decide to immigrate to this country and find a new life.

Before an engineer can apply for a visa he or she must undergo skill assessment methodology in order to prove the skillset they possess. This assessment process is done by Engineers Australia. If the engineer receives a positive assessment of their skills from Engineers Australia, then engineers are recognized by engineers Australia. The engineer can work in Australia only once he has been granted the right to do so. After assessing the engineering degree of the engineer, if the assessment of the engineer’s skill levels is positive, the engineer has the right to apply for a skilled assessment visa. The competency demonstration report (CDR) pathway is a technical report that presents significant details about the competency level of the engineer when executing the engineering job.

A Competency Demonstration Report stands for the engineers who are interested in migrating to Australia in order to qualify for a skilled migration visa with CDR. Engineers are assessed by Engineers Australia (EA) in order to determine if they can meet the Australian Standards. The CDR is an important document for assessment purposes, and it is reviewed by EA, but it should be written carefully. The EA approves the CDR report only if they are satisfied, otherwise the report is rejected. A C.D.R. provides the details about a person’s background, educational achievements and any work carried out by the engineer during the course of his/her education. The competency demonstration report (CDR) should have all of the competency elements stated in the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet. If the competency demonstration report was rejected, then apply under the competency demonstration report (CDR). Poorly written CDRs have a very low chance of winning as a final document for an environmental assessment. They should also be carefully written due to the fact they are the most important part of the assessment, which of course is reviewed by the EA. The Immigration and Refugee Registration Board (IRB) recognizes four professional engineering occupation classes as part of the Migration Skill Assessment (MSA). These categories are Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate, and Engineering Manager. This report should be written in a way that the assessor can easily comprehend and put everything into context; it should incorporate all relevant information that the writer would include in the report and it should clarify the purpose for which the report author is composing it.

Secret-2: Who needs Competency Demonstration Report (CDRs)?

The following are the six main types of applications that are available to engineers seeking for an immigration skills assessment.

Type of application for Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia is not offering pre-assessment services at this time. The applicant is responsible to identify which pathway is the right route for the qualification they wish to pursue. The diagram below illustrates the recognition.

Competency Demonstration report pathway

From the above, it is clear that there are two main qualifications are considered by Engineers Australia- one is accredited qualifications and another is non-accredited qualifications.

Accredited qualification:

Accredited qualifications are formal international agreements recognizing the recognition of international engineering qualifications in Australia and overseas. Engineers Australia has signed three international accords, for example, The Washington Accord, the Sydney Accord, and the Dublin Accord. If you want to ensure that your qualification have been accredited by the representative body of the country in which the signatory is, please check the IEA Website.

In the event that your undergraduate qualification is not accredited and your postgraduate qualification is not independently accredited, you must submit a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). If you wish to apply for an assessment based on your engineering program, you will need both your undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in order to do so. You will be able to apply for the skill assessment once you submit all the relevant documents.

Non-accredited qualifications (Competency Demonstration Report)

This part of the page describes what you should do in order to compile a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). The CDR assessment methodology is based solely upon an individual’s undergraduate qualifications and documented graduate competency. It is mandatory for the applicants in order to start the application process that they provide documentary evidence of BOTH:

• The essential skills associated with the engineering profession being nominated;

• Evidence that the knowledge may be applied in the profession in which nomination was made. The documented application of that knowledge found in the profession for which this nomination is made.

You have to fill in your CDR just by yourself. The CDR will be completed if the whole document is typed out using a word processor and a copy will be kept. Your CDR will be assessed with respect to both the ANZSCO and the Graduate Competency Standards concerning the selected occupational category that you have selected. You have to undergo an assessment for the engineering profession in which you wish to be nominated.

Secret-3: Writing your Three Career Episodes

A career episode is your educational and/or professional experience in engineering field. Each career episode provides in-depth coverage of a specific period of time in your engineering career, engineering graduates. It is mandatory for each career episode to mention a different aspect of your engineering techniques and the role you played during that particular period or aspect. During writing the career episode for Australian immigration purpose or skilled visa, month visa, you should follow all engineering fundamentals applicable and you need to write the list format, paragraph, section based on your engineering project by following MSA Booklet. You should write Personal Engineering Activity, complex engineering, engineering capabilities and Engineering skills so that assessor can perceive that you have enough understanding of Engineering. The episodes should be oriented towards using engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation as well as in the engineering field. Career Episodes require evidence of employment if you write the Career Episodes based on the work experiences, which are evidenced by having worked at certain companies. I recommend you upload these documents to the employment section of your online application. You do not have to apply for a relevant skill assessment, but you must submit a reference letter from your employer or a certification of employment that you were previously employed by them.

Your career episode can be based on the following information:

• Generally, an engineering task that is part of the program you were studying in.

• A piece of work that you have worked on or that you are presently working on;

• A detailed description of the position that you have occupied in your career or you are now occupying in your current or previous career (the career episode must include more than a mere list of duties);

• A specific situation that you had to solve well-defined engineering problems during one of your duties

In order for a career episode to be considered as evidence of your communication skills to your assessor, it must be written in English, on your own words. Please supply reliable and sufficient engineering evidence, including but not limited to diagrams, photos, calculations, tables, etc. to provide supporting data. There is no need for presenting too much textbook material and instructions. There is a recommendation of a minimum of 1000 Words and a max of 2500 Words for each CE. The demonstration must show that both the knowledge and the skills of engineering are clearly applied in the occupation proposed for each career episode. Thus, you should explain what you did and describe how you went about doing it, emphasizing your responsibilities within the episode (that is, for example, I planned and I researched). Please make sure each experience you have should highlight any particular engineering problems you have identified and any particular solution methods you have used. Essentially, the purpose of this is to get an idea of your contribution towards the achievement of the task objectives, as well as your interest in the project as a whole.

Defining your involvement in work alone is not sufficient. It is necessary to describe your contribution as well. Career episodes should be written in the first person singular, making sure that you clearly indicate the circumstances in which the work was carried out, and also clearly indicate your exact position in it. Please bear in mind that the essay is about what I did, not what we did or what I was involved in while writing it. Please describe in detail how you accomplished it.


Career Episodes must be based entirely on your own efforts. They must be based in whole on your own achievements, personal efforts and hard work. Presenting and applying content in your Engineering article that actually belongs to someone else, and using their words as your own (templates, Career Episodes, online sources, internet sources, etc.) is called plagiarism as per the code of Engineers Australia standard. It is a violation of Engineers Australia’s Code of Ethics. This can result in substantial penalties such as the rejection of your application, a revocation of the visa, imposing a 12-month, 24-month or 36-month ban, and alerting the Department of Home Affairs for further investigation and action.

Components of the CDR Assessment for Engineers Australia
  • A recent color photograph (maximum 6 months old) of yourself in JPEG format (it should be taken on a plain color background with 1200 x 1600 pixels resolution (dimensions: 35mm x 45mm).
  • Prime identification document for the applicant (the current passport page that does include a picture and name page)
  • The letter of completion for the academic degree will only be accepted by Engineers Australia as a substitute for a degree certificate before graduation and only for Australian degrees.
  • Please provide an official academic transcript for your evaluation (including the course syllabus and all other records relevant to the recognition of prior learning).
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • It is recommended that you make sure you have official documents on the change of name (for example, a marriage certificate, a gazette publication, or a letter/certificate from the registry if applicable)
  • Registration certificate under a relevant licensing authority (for example the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission) is mandatory.
  • The employment documentation should provide a basis for referring to career episodes if the employment provides a basis for a career episode.
  • List of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), which is very important for an engineer for Continuous Professional Development.
  • Three Career Episodes
  • Summary Statement for the nominated category
  • Official English translations of above documents where applicable

Each document must be uploaded separately (a document may have multiple pages). Please do not upload each document separately. Engineers Australia CDR is a very important technical document for the immigration process. If the assessor request any additional Academic degree certificate, cross–references, and proof of engineering application ability, without any questions you should submit them. Please follow the time of upload and do not provide any unnecessary details. We CDRFOREA team has a core technical as well as correct knowledge to provide excellent CDR writing service by following Australian Immigration Law Services © 2021 and our  success rate is almost 100%. Please find our contact details.